Help Center

1. About account

1). Why should I choose is the best marketplace to Buy or Sell game products in the MMORPG field. Our advantage is our LOW PRICE. It is easy to find out that our prices are lower than most other sites. Why our prices are usually lower than other sites? Because we check our competitors’ prices and then make the lowest prices all the time. But please note low prices do not mean poor service. Our successful running can prove everything.

2). Should I register to buy on

We recommend you to register an account on because all of your orders will be recorded in your account; you can track your order history, check your order status, and enjoy more other member privileges. We promise to keep your personal information, including your email address, completely private.

3). Can I use a fake email when I register?

That is strongly not recommended. When we have any update of your order, we will send emails to your registered email address, so you'd better register with your frequently used email in order to make your order being processed smoothly.

4). Can I use a fake phone number when I register?

That is strongly not recommended. For some special orders, we will call you to verify some information before processing your order. If we cannot reach you via phone to finish the verification, your order will not be processed.

5). How can I register on

You can create an account at any time by following these steps:

Click the "SIGN IN", it will turn to page "REGISTER".

Fill in your First and Last Name.

Fill in your E-mail and choose a password.

Click the "Register" button! It is that easy!

2. About payments and refund

1.) What payment methods do you accept?

At present, you can pay by PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, and Skrill.

2). How can I pay with my Credit Card or Debit Card?

Once you are redirected to the PayPal page, you will see an option as" Pay with an independent Credit Card", you can choose that option and you will be able to pay with your Credit Card or Debit Card. If your card is refused, you can contact PayPal support and they will check the reason you, as we know, some cards are not accepted by PayPal.

3). The currency of my Credit Card is not in USD, can I still pay?

Sure! Your Credit Card payment will be made through PayPal, your Credit Card Company or your bank will determine the currency exchange rate that will be applied to your payment.

4). What is a pending e-check?

Why do I have to wait for it to be cleared? A pending e-check is a type of payment option available with PayPal. A pending e-check is just like writing a normal check, except electronically. Just like normal checks, pending e-checks usually take 3-5 business days to clear while PayPal verifies the funds are present in the sender's account. Once the check is cleared, the money is transferred to's account and then your order will be processed immediately.

5). What should I do if I want to get a refund?

If you paid successfully and don’t want to get game products to your game account, you can email us your refund request by using your registered email with your Order ID and refund reason, our Email: [email protected]. Then our operators will help you handle it within 2 workdays. For Delayed or Invalid User Information Orders, we will refund you in 2 workdays.

6). How long does it take until I get my refund?

We will process the refund request in 2 working days, but the exact time of refund is determined by the processing speed of different banks.

7). Is it secure to pay on Will my personal information be protected?

You never need to worry about the security to pay on, and your personal information will be very safely protected has been verified by VeriSign and McAfee. has taken security measures to protect our customers' payment information and any other personal information. We assure all the information you submit will never be disclosed to any third parties.

3. About orders and Delivery

1). How long it usually takes to get my order processed?

An order usually can be processed in 1-15mins. We will send a confirmation email to notify you. For some special orders, we may need further call verification. So please make your phone available after you place an order in case the call verification is needed. If you have any questions about the order verification, please feel free to contact us via our E-mail:[email protected].

2). Why do you need to call me sometimes before processing my order?

In order to confirm your order information is 100% correct, we need to make a confirmation call with you sometime before the delivery.

3). How long it usually takes to get the delivery after I make the payment?

Most orders can be delivered in 30mins to several hours, no longer than 24 hours. For some special orders, it may require extra verification which might cause a delay. If we need extra information about you, we will contact you via phone or email, and you can also contact us if you have any questions about your order.

4). Sometimes I have confirmed the stock before placing my order, but later after I place my order, you guys say you are out of stock?

Due to the large demand for the game products of our site, our stock updates every minute. So the situation you mention could happen, but it rarely happens since we usually have enough stock.

5). How do you guys deliver? Do you use bots?

We only do manual Powerleveling rather than any other illegal methods like bots, exploiting, etc. has its own Powerleveling office with a lot of professional levers. Make sure to report us if you find any illegal method is used during the Powerleveling, we will start an investigation immediately once we get your report. And you will also be compensated if your account gets destroyed due to the use of illegal methods of the Powerleveling process.

6). What's the difference between Face- TO- Face and Mail-in the game?

Face-To-Face: This delivery method requires both you and our supplier to be online in the game at the same time. Therefore, after having placed your order, please contact us via our E-mail:[email protected] for delivery while you're available to receive the product.

Mail-in the game: This delivery is hassle-free. We'll deliver your Gold by mail in-game asap, you don't need to keep it online in the game. When your delivery is completed, you can check your in-game mailbox to collect your Gold.